About Dolphins Digest

Launched in June 2022, DolphinsDigest.com is dedicated to exploring, celebrating, and respecting memorable moments throughout the history of the Miami Dolphins.


My mission at Dolphins Digest is to explore the depths of the Miami Dolphins by looking at incredible moments, performances, quotes, and more from the team past and present.

The Miami Dolphins have brought such great joy to my life and because of that I feel it’s only right to show respect to those very moments that were memorable for me – and likely many others.

There are so many moments in time that could easily be forgotten, especially since not every moment will have been headline-worthy. However, each was interesting, and often impactful, in its own right and my objective is to capture as many as I can in writing for all to remember.


Growing up in New England, it was assumed that I would fall in line with the rest of my community in cheering for the New England Patriots. Those who assumed this were wrong as frequent vacations to Florida meant I had an opportunity to make a different choice – to become a fan of the Miami Dolphins.

Over time, that fandom has become die-hard and I’ve truly grown to appreciate the organization, the community, and of course the game of football at a deeper level. I also have the Dolphins logo tattooed on my leg.

As for the site itself, I’ve wanted to do this for a long time. Like 15 years long. So, now is my chance to finally bring this passion project to life.

I can’t stress this enough – I really am just a fan who loves to read about and research the game. I’m not an expert but I can assure you my research will always be meticulous. Hopefully, that passion and care come through in my writing.

I’m really glad you’re joining me and of course, Fins Up!

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