2007: Cleo Lemon to Greg Camarillo

The 2007 season is one that Dolphins fans will likely never forget. I plan on write about some of the players and moments from that season over time but thought the best place to start might be with none other than the touchdown that game Miami their lone win against the Baltimore Ravens.

Before we talk about the play, I want to focus on the two players that ultimately get credited with this win – Cleo Lemon and Greg Camarillo.

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Cleo Lemon, Miami QB from 2006-2007

A undrafted rookie out of Arkansas State, Cleo Lemon would start his career bouncing around the NFL and AF2 (saved you a click) across his first few seasons.

During that time, he’d spend time with the Green Bay Packers, Baltimore Ravens, and Memphis Xplorers before catching on with the San Diego Chargers practice squad. There he’d spend 2+ seasons as the third-string/practice squad QB before finally being traded to the Miami Dolphins in October 2005.

Lemon was inactive for all of his games with Miami during the 2005 season but would finally see the field the next season. His first action came in relief of Joey Harrington in back-to-back weeks in December before finally getting his first career start in week 17 against the eventual Super Bowl Champion Indianapolis Colts. In that game, he’d go 18 of 36 (50%) for 210 yards with one touchdown and a pick.

The following season, and as a restricted free agent, Cleo Lemon would receive an RFA tended by the Dolphins and would go on to start seven games. Lemon would go 1-6 in those starts, throwing for 1,773 yards, 6 touchdowns and 6 interceptions while completing 56% of his passes. While his performance overall wasn’t entirely notable, that one win would become the most important game of that season.

His final career stats in Miami: 2,185 yards, 8 touchdowns, 7 interceptions, a completion percentage of 56% and a 1-7 record.

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Greg Camarillo, Miami WR from 2007-2009

Another undrafted rookie, Greg Camarillo would catch on with the San Diego Chargers in 2005 and spend two years with the team before being picked up on waivers by the Miami Dolphins in September 2007.

Little of note happened for Camarillo that season in terms of stats, racking up just 160 receiving and two touchdowns in 15 games. However, one of those touchdowns would be the most important of the season for the Miami Dolphins.

Camarillo would be a Dolphin for just three seasons, accumulating a total of 1,325 yards and 5 total touchdowns (4 receiving, 1 rushing).

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Cleo Lemon to Greg Camarillo for the Win

Coming into their game against the Baltimore Ravens, the Miami Dolphins had zero wins in their first 13 weeks. The Baltimore Ravens weren’t a whole lot better, coming into the game with a 4-9 record in the midst of a seven game losing streak.

The game itself would feature just two touchdowns in regulation – total – and would head to overtime tied at 16 apiece.

Baltimore won the overtime coin toss, in an age of true sudden death, and would start strong on the back of their running game with 50 yards on the ground in less than 5 minutes of overtime. That rushing attack got them all the way to the Miami 26 yard line where Matt Stover would come in for the 44 yard field goal and the win.

Except the field goal was no good. Miami’s chances for a win were still alive.

Their drive would start in the negative, with Lorenzo Booker losing three yards on first down. On second down, Cleo Lemon would rush for five. Then, it happened.

On third and 8 from their own 36 yard line, Cleo Lemon would drop back to pass and hit Greg Camarillo in stride for a 64 yard game-winning touchdown, breaking the winless season and elating Dolphins fans around the globe. That’s a feeling I’ll never forget. IT’S CAUGHT BY GREG CAMARILLO!

Two players that went undrafted out of college connecting on a pass that would give Miami it’s only win of the season. A pass that would give fans hope again. A pass that will never be forgotten.

This moment will always mean a lot to me. Sure it was a season we’d all like to forget – but that’s a moment that will live on forever in Dolphins history.

Mike McDaniel said recently that one of the current team rules is to see adversity as opportunity. For an example of this, look no further than that overtime touchdown against the Ravens in 2007.

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