Dolphins Digest Returns

About a year ago I, inadvertently, stepped away from Dolphins Digest and writing about the team I love.

The truth is, I didn’t intend to take a year off. Honestly, I took a small break after doing many hours of draft deep-dives but that small break lasted a bit longer. You know, life.

That and in all honesty, the negative commentary and trolls on Twitter (X?) were at times challenging to ignore. The reality though is that I love the Miami Dolphins and I love writing so a return was inevitable – and the positive influences, the great people (who far outnumber the trolls) and the game and team I love are all to important to leave behind. I genuinely believe that if you do what you love, and you have fun doing it, that good can come from that.

So, I’m back. Dolphins Digest is back. And just in time to celebrate National Dolphin Day!

I’m excited to get back to writing and connecting with you all again – and for some other changes that may be on the way here at Dolphins Digest. I’m also to share that I have also returned to where I’ve accepted a contributor role.

If you are on Twitter, and want to talk a little football you can find me @PhinsDigest