2022: Mike McDaniel Talks About Dreamers

Authors Note: One of my favorite things to do is listen to press conferences, interviews and speaking events led by some of the brightest minds in football: the players and the coaches.

While some choose to listen with skepticism, I listen in the hopes of learning. I want to learn how they view the game. I want to understand why they make the decisions that they do. I want to see the way in which they choose to lead. I want to understand their Wise Words.

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I’m certainly one to send sports-centric videos to people, especially when they are leadership focused or motivational. These videos speak to me and this segment of an interview with Coach Mike McDaniel is a perfect example. I hope it has the same impact on you.

What were his wise words?

About six weeks ago, during an appearance on The Fish Tank Podcast with OJ McDuffie and Seth Levit, Miami Dolphins Head Coach Mike McDaniel was asked about his coaching philosophy.

His sentiments were really thoughtful and deliberate as he spoke about how “everyone involved, this is their dream.

These powerful words helped pave the way for him to succinctly encapsulate his view of his job down to “never straying from that idea that you have the power to participate in and be a part of” someones dream.

He would go on to add that his “job is to really do everything you can to really maximize what people are able to get out of their dreams.

Why was what Coach said significant?

His answer was not about X’s and O’s, something the many around the league have dubbed him a genius of, but was actually about helping his players, coaches and staff to realize their dreams. To realize their potential. To help his fellow humans.

This was such a human answer and really stood out to me as a positive indicator as to the leader the Miami Dolphins have hired.

It’d probably be pretty easy for a Head Coach to assume every player is motivated by money – but that’s short-sighted. What motivates them after they get their big pay-day? What motivates them when they play a position that isn’t the highest paid? Understanding your players and placing significant importance on their personal story means that they’ll never be a shortage of ways for Mike McDaniel to get through to his team.

The rest of the interview, appropriately titled “Mike McDaniel: Authentic Intention” is incredible – with quite a few interesting soundbites from the new Head Coach.

This likely won’t be the only quote we dig into from this interview so in the meantime I’d highly encourage you to check out the episode!