Introduction: A Miami Dolphins Draft Deep-Dive

Welcome to Draft Season – one of my personal favorite times of the year as a Miami Dolphins fan.

With the NFL Combine this week, rookie visits soon, and of course the NFL Draft approaching in April, I’ve begun looking back at draft selections, tendencies, and more for the team over the years. More specifically, I’ve been digging into the draft classes for General Manager Chris Grier, who took over the position in 2016.

Miami Dolphins

Leading up to the draft, I’ll be focusing most of the content here on Dolphins Digest around just that: the NFL Draft and Chris Grier’s history leading the team through this important time of year.

I plan to dig in as much as I can, leveraging a few resources along the way, and to share out what I learn along the way. Special shoutout in advance to

Here’s a rough road map for what I plan to cover:

  • Broad overview of all draft picks made by Chris Grier since he took over as GM
  • First-round draft tendencies for the team since 2016, including average first pick position
  • Day two draft tendencies for the team since 2016
  • Day three draft tendencies for the team since 2016
  • Overall success rate which I’ll categorize into three buckets
    • 1) Remained on the roster through the first season
    • 2) Never played a snap for the team
    • 3) Received a second contract with the team
  • I’ll also do an article around other miscellaneous interesting nuggets I pick up along the way.

I’m pretty excited to dive deep into the recent draft classes and share the insights that I learn. I hope you’ll chat with me on Twitter and share your insights, too.

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